“Quest for Success is a significant and fascinating gathering of luminaries who share their most profound formulas for success in life. A terrific show, affirming, insightful, inspiring!”

“My prayers were answered with your shows. I knew the moment you started talking about heroism and bravery. Now I’m on fire. What a difference they made! My eyes opened up to the larger purpose and meaning in my work. My heart burst with more love and I became even more dedicated to the cause of awakening women around the world!”

“To call the Quest Wisdom Collection ‘moving’ is no exaggeration – I often found myself weeping openly… for the beauty of Life all around us… for the realization that I am better than my past mistakes… with a renewed belief in myself… and for the understanding that the power to change my own life really is within me. I so highly recommend it to anyone with dreams, aspirations, and hope for a better life!”

“MASTERPIECE! You have truly produced a JEWEL to assist so many spirits in forward movement and conscious expansion. I turned on Ageless Beauty and an hour later I was crying and laughing, the dinner cold and forgotten. I felt uplifted, challenged, comforted and deeply blessed. I want to honor and acknowledge this very important work, and THANK YOU”.

Alice Walker

“I was so deeply touched by the Power Within.”

Alice Walker - The Color Purple